A Tad Late, but Thanks Anyway

An Anthology of Slovak Speculative Fiction

An Anthology of Slovak speculative fiction in English. Best short stories from the Fantasy Award 2015, the literary award of SF/F/H short stories in English language from Slovak... Čítať viac

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An Anthology of Slovak speculative fiction in English. Best short stories from the Fantasy Award 2015, the literary award of SF/F/H short stories in English language from Slovak authors with the “bonus track” – a fantasy short story writ Čítať viac

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A Tad Late, but Thanks Anyway - Ruzena Alaksova, Ivan Alaksa, Lucia Lackovicova, Fantázia
3,49 €

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Slovak speculative fiction is still unknown to the world and no anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories in English written by Slovak authors has been published yet. We have decided to change this fact and introduce some Slovak works of these genres to the world. What you are getting is a second collection of short stories by Slovak authors who joined the literary competition Fantasy Award.
The collection also contains a short story from Juraj Cervenak – the most successful writer of fantasy genre in Slovakia.
The cover was created by Slovak illustrator Martin Plsko to one of the stories.
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well done
The anthology – from Fantasy Award 2015 is opened by a foreword of Ruzena and Ivan Alaksa where they summarize the short-story competition and partially reviewed the selected works.
Some words about my feelings to the published stories (without spoilers):

Flash of nectarine taste, Smell of the fractal ferns: strange story full of fiction magic and illusions. One needs to think pretty hard to comprehend it. It’s well written but did I get in it? I’m not sure. 4/5

Musical composition: It’s not easy to write a short story on small space well (regarding the point). Here, the author succeeded to do it. 5/5

Prospects of life: I like the atmosphere of the story. But had to read it twice and I’m not still clear about the relationships mentioned there. Was Andy her son? Has Devisha just imagined it all? 4/5
A tad late, but thanks anyway: strange very short story after which is the anthology named (I know the reason why), is about objects falling down “chronologically” from the sky without any trying to discuss this phenomenon. It’s like an anecdote. Interestingly, the word about the author is nearly longer than the story itself. 2/5

Hard: I am glad that this "postapo" story won the competition. Well deserved. It’s got everything what an excellent story should have and I enjoyed it. 6/5

Home: I appreciate the surprising horror ending in this “merciful” short tale. 3-4/5

Hunting seagulls: I am a bit confused by this tale. I was looking for a significant fantastic – fiction feature and did not find any. I find it all like from the real world. Why is this in the book? 3/5

All the little baby girls: Well written dark fantasy story about mystic silent creatures with intense plot and interesting characters. The end is opened 4-5/5.

The decision: Long after I read this tale, I thought what it was about. I find it strange, hardly to believe Dave’s motivation to join the project. The project is not explained and author kept it for himself. Many question marks here. 2/5

Look up, at the skies: what was this about? Another strange story, this time it is about “artists” who can manipulate the clouds with their inner power? I had really problem to keep my concentration to finish the reading. Subjectively, it was very boring for me. 1/5

Bloody bones: horror about little rascals who fucked up the relation to their teacher. Let’s play a game of revenge. Wait the revenge is not sweet but really bloody one. You will see. 4-5/5.

Right: bizarre tale about possible retrospective abortion. I am still not totally convinced about the characters and their reasons of doing, motivation and outcome of the situation. 3-4/5

Out of sacred water: The master of Slavic fantasy joined this anthology and I am very happy with it. To translate such tales into English is not an easy job. But here, it is done well. I am hoping that other Rogan’s stories will be translated and therewith the broad international audience could be reached with those fairy tales of high Slavic fantasy world. 5/5

At the end, the scientist, marsonaut and crew commander, Michaela Musilova (a juror in the story competition that year) revealed some hidden adventures from the marsonauts training in the American desert.

Generally, the collection contains diverse stories with fluctuated quality but I think that every reader can find some tales entertaining. It is the second book from this promising project and I really appreciate the administrators and cheer them up that they will continue in it. 4/5
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„Nakoniec, stručnosť je jediná cnosť netalentovaných autorov.“

Ruzká klazika - Daniel Majling, 2017
Ruzká klazika
Daniel Majling