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Kathy, Ruth and Tommy were pupils at Hailsham - an idyllic establishment situated deep in the English countryside...

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He is a brilliant maths professor with a peculiar problem - ever since a traumatic head injury seventeen years ago, he has lived with only eighty minutes of short-term memory. She is a sensitive but astute young housekeeper who is entrusted ...

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'As cryptic and compelling as a fever dream... Bae Suah is one of the most unique and adroit literary voices working today' Sharlene TeoFinishing her last shift at Seoul's only audio theatre for the blind, Kim Ayami heads into...

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On a hot summer's day in a poor suburb of Tokyo, we meet three women: thirty-year-old Natsuko, her older sister Makiko, and Makiko's teenage daughter Midoriko. Makiko, an ageing hostess despairing at the loss of her looks...

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From the bestselling author of Breasts and Eggs and international literary sensation Mieko Kawakami, comes a sharp and illuminating novel about a fourteen-year-old boy subjected to relentless bullying...

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A compelling speculative mystery by one of Japan’s greatest writers. Hat, ribbon, bird, rose. To the people on the island, a disappeared thing no longer has any meaning. It can be burned in the garden...

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Grandpa used to say it all the time: books have tremendous power. But what is that power really...

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„Náboženstvo je teologický ekvivalent poisťovacieho podvodu, kde rok za rokom platíte poistné, a potom, keď potrebujete čerpať výhody, za ktoré ste platili s nábožnou presnosťou - odpustite mi tú hračku -, zistíte, že spoločnosť, ktorá si vaše peniaze brala, vlastne neexistuje. “

Revival - Stephen King
Stephen King