The Art of Mental Training - DC Gonzalez
The Art of Mental Training
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Achieve the Champion Mindset for Peak Performance with this Amazon Best Seller. Reach new levels of success and mental toughness with this ultimate guide. Learn the "Science of Success" and prepare to excel. In this concise and highly acclaimed training.. Čítať viac

22,00 €
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Achieve the Champion Mindset for Peak Performance With This Amazon Best-Seller.
Reach New Levels of Success and Mental Toughness With This Ultimate Guide.
Learn the "Science of Success" - Step by Step - and Prepare to Excel.

In this concise and highly acclaimed training guide, Peak Performance Coach and Best-Selling Author DC Gonzalez teaches a blend of unique mental training technologies, sports psychology essentials, and peak performance methods that are effective and motivational, and designed to help you in business, sports, work, school, or life in general. Get ready to increase your self-belief, self-confidence, and mental toughness using this powerful guide and to reach new levels of success, sports performance and personal development.

Coach DC Gonzalez is among a very fortunate few that have had the unique experience of learning from the late P.C. Siegel, a world-renowned sports and peak performance authority, sports hypnotherapist, and Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.

This book is powerful, in it Dan explains, teaches, and helps you develop the psychological skills required for peak performance, while pointing out the underlying mental training strategies that will help anyone reach higher levels of achievement and performance - not by random chance, but by focused choice.
The Art of Mental Training teaches the critical essentials while interwoven with stories from Dan's fascinating background as an Aviator in the Navy, a Federal Agent, Military Cyber-Security Specialist, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and a Peak Performance Coach. Dan creates a powerful teaching connection between his adrenaline-filled life experiences and the mental skills and mental training that make all the difference.

Access your true potential, control your state and excel even under extreme pressure
Enhance performance by transforming the negative energy generated by nervousness and fear into shatterproof confidence
Improve focus and concentration for positive results - often instantly - with battle-tested mental training techniques
Learn the psychological factors that will help you view set-backs as opportunities to create lasting positive change
Enhance visualization techniques and create success imagery loaded with feelings and emotions that will generate powerful results

Understand what to practice and which success conditioning exercises will vastly improve your self-belief, self-confidence and performance
Gain access to the coaching psychology behind redirecting anger energy and using it to strengthen your resolve and remain in control
Use proven sport psychology techniques to leave your ego outside your event and avoid performance choking completely
Learn to create the Ideal Performance State using Neuro Linguistics Programming and "The Critical Three"
Get rid of limiting beliefs and the negative critic in your head once and for all
Achieve the champion mindset and gain the mental edge over your opponents or the situation on demand
Learn how to find the place from which peak performance springs forth

The lessons and techniques presented in this book are essential reading for anyone seeking more success and peak performance, whether it be on the playing field, in business, or life in general. Whatever your personal endeavor may be, whatever challenge you may be facing; these lessons will prepare you to move forward and to excel in a powerful way. Reach new levels of personal success and performance, as you learn, practice, and apply these powerful concepts and proven techniques.
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