Contemporary Advertising - William F. Arens
Contemporary Advertising
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Award-Winning Graphic Design an important feature for a book that professes to educate students about the aesthetics of advertising design and production.

  • NEW Chapter on Social Media Advertising: Social media is an important topic in Advertising, and is given careful attention in a new chapter with this edition. Students will gain insight and thorough understanding of the role social media plays in an IMC budget. With internet budgets growing at a far faster pace than any other media, this chapter will help students understand how social media is different from other forms of communication and why practitioners are devoting increasing amounts of their budget to this new media.
  • Facebook: Here instructors can find regular posts on teaching tools, breaking news, and the latest trends in IMC. Instructors can post for one another, access our video collection, and ensure that they have the most recent, relevant, and important information about the topics they teach. You can also find the authors there! Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and tell us what we can do to make the book better for you and your students.
  • Extensive Illustration Program: The best way to teach is to set a good example. So each of the 18 chapters features beautiful full-color illustrations of recent award-winning ads, commercials, and campaigns that demonstrate the best in the business. In fact, Contemporary Advertising is one of the most heavily illustrated textbooks on the market, with all the major media represented?print, electronic, digital, social, and out-of-home?in a balanced manner.
  • Ad Lab: Active participation enhances learning, so Ad Labs play a significant role in virtually every chapter. These unique sidebars to the world of advertising introduce students to topics of current interest or controversy and then involve them in the subject by posing questions that stimulate critical thinking. Some of the many topics presented in Ad Labs include government regulation, bottom-up marketing, creativity, the psychological impact of color, advertising on the Internet, "green" marketing, sales promotion, and direct-response advertising.
  • Ethical Issues in Advertising: Students face new and challenging ethical issues, and they will need to exercise even greater sensitivity than their twentieth-century counterparts. Therefore, in every chapter of the book, we introduce a current Ethical Issue in advertising?to focus attention on the most critical social questions facing advertisers today. These include the debate over puffery, advertising to children, comparative advertising, the targeting of ethnic minorities, consumer profiling, privacy, negative political advertising, visual and statistical manipulation, and others.
  • My IMC Campaign: For instructors who offer students semester-long projects as a way of getting their hands dirty by actually practicing advertising, we?ve included this valuable resource. In each chapter students receive practical advice on developing a real campaign, culminating with tips on developing a plan book and a client presentation.
  • Ad Forum (available only through Connect): The Adforum Creative Library is an online database containing ads from 110 countries worldwide. Instructors and students will have access to a select set of advertisements from the Adforum Creative Library, specific to chapter assignments, through Connect Marketing.
  • The Advertising Experience Exercises: True to the text's agency approach, the fourteenth edition of Contemporary Advertising continues hands-on application exercises that place students in the advertisers? shoes to help them see how advertising is done in the real world.
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