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Fragments of Heaven

Anthology of Slovak speculative fiction

    Fantázia, 2016
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    Fantázia, 2016

    The first anthology of Slovak speculative fiction in English. Best short stories from the Fantasy Award 2014, the literary award of SF/F/H short stories in English language from Slovak authors.

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    Slovak speculative fiction is still unknown to the world and no anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories in English written by Slovak authors has been published yet. We have decided to change this fact and introduce some Slovak works of these genres to the world. What you are getting is a collection of twelve chosen short stories by Slovak authors who joined the literary competition Fantasy Award 2014. The collection also contains a short story from Mike Resnick – the most successful writer of science-fiction short stories (with the highest number of nominations and Hugo awards) who was invited to be one of the judges.
    The cover of this short story collection was created by the well-known Slovak illustrator Ivan Kasaj who passed away at the age of 35 in autumn 2015. We decided to donate all the proceeds from this book with the last of Ivan's covers to his wife Ludmila and his sons Vincko and Vavrik. By buying this e-book you are supporting Ivan Kasaj's family.

    Authors: Editors: Alaksa, Ivan; Lackovicova, Lucia. Authors: Absolon, Brynn; Bozo, Tomas; Brenkus, Richard; Hemp, H. L.; Ilecko, Mario; Klimek, Daniel; Lajsova, Tatiana; Majerova, Diana; Resnick, Mike; Srnkova, Ruzena; Stozicka, Zuska; Svercel, Miro; Vinczeova, Barbora. Cover: Kasaj, Ivan.
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    Fragments of Heaven -
    Drzý bastard - Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland
    12,39 €
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    In the last months, I read some anthologies of speculative fictions in Czech and Slovak but very few of them reach the quality of this collection.

    I was really curious to read this first anthology of Slovak authors in English. I will not mention my own short story of Slavic fantasy what is a part of it, but rather some of the remaining that caught my interest. I have to say that I was surprised - very positively.

    The first story here is by Mr. Mike Resnick, well known and successful author and one of the judges in the FA competition, and represents worth introduction to following tales.
    I read the second story about Epidexio and his transformation by Stozicka previously in Slovak and found the original better than its English version. However, the English version is still better than good.
    I was enchanted by Klimek and his Season of Coyotes. I like everything on this story. It is a real cliff-hanger.
    Similar feeling I had by reading of the story written by the winner of competition - Richard Brenkus. His Mirabel is fascinating.
    I have some difficulties to follow the tales about the Witch of Lynchgate and the Power of the words.
    But then my eyes gaped in astonishment by reading the Moon flower. Exciting and one has to read a page after page till the end of it. I would like to read a book in this context.
    The pomegranate was very well written and belongs to one of my favourite stories in this collection.

    I really can recommend this anthology to everybody who like to read fictional stories from different genres, because here is everything - fantasy, science fiction and horror.
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    Kúpte spolu
    Fragments of Heaven -
    Drzý bastard - Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland
    12,39 €

    „Kto číta, ten myslí, kto myslí, ten uvažuje.“

    Victor Hugo