The Little Book of Big Breasts -
The Little Book of Big Breasts
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"Dear Sir/Madam" begins the missive from an imaginary correspondent. "I love big breasts as much as the next man, but here in Lilliput your Big Book of Breasts is just too ungainly for my tiny bookshelf, not to mention my Lilliputian hands. Couldn’t you make a petite edition that still features 150 or so magnificently endowed ladies from the golden age of natural curves for those like me, who live life small? And while you’re at it, could you make it highly affordable, since my pockets are as shallow as this premise?"

Done! The Little Book of Big Breasts features over 150 celebrated big breast models from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, including Michelle Angelo, Virginia Bell, Roxanne Brewer, Joan Brinkman, Lorraine Burnette, Lisa Deleeuw, Uschi Digard, Sylvia McFarland, Chesty Morgan, Roberta Pedon, Rosina Revelle, Janie Reynolds, Candy Samples, Tempest Storm, Mary Waters, June Wilkinson, and Julie Wills, plus Guinness Book of World Records bra-buster Norma Stitts in a compact and inexpensive soft-cover format. Photos come not just from the original 398-page Brobdingnagian edition, but from subsequent Big Breast Calendars, meaning that 40% of the content is unique to this edition. Add a reduced text to make more room for the stunning black and white and color photos and how could anyone—big, small, or in-between—ask for a better deal?
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Kniha flexi väzba, 2012
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Kniha brožovaná väzba, 2016
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flexi väzba
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„Milý, píšem vám celkom nahá, lebo chcem byť jednoduchou a úprimnou“

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