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Sarah Gerard  ·  HarperCollins Publishers (2017)
Sarah Gerard follows her breakout novel, Binary Star, with the dynamic essay collection Sunshine State, which explores Florida as a microcosm of the most pressing economic and environmental perils haunting our society... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 14,41 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) posielame ihneď
John Murray (2016)
How long is 'now'? The short answer is 'somewhere between 2 and 3 seconds'. The long answer involves an incredible journey through neuroscience, our subconscious and the time-bending power of meditation. Living in the present may never feel the same... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 10,40 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Alan J. Cann  ·  Academic Press (2016)
Principles of Molecular Virology, Sixth Edition, provides an easily accessible introduction to modern virology, presenting principles in a clear and concise manner... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 63,79 € dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Julia Rothman  ·  Storey Publishing (2015)
Nature Anatomy is for anyone who appreciates and wants to explore the curiosities and beauty of the natural world in a new way. With whimsically hip illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Julia Rothman, every page is an extraordinary ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 11,39 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Kathy Willis  ·  Templar (2016)
The 2016 offering from Big Picture Press's Welcome to the Museum series, Botanicum is a stunningly curated guide to plant life. With artwork from Katie Scott of Animalium fame, Botanicum gives readers the experience of ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 26,13 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Stephen Hawking  ·  Random House (2015)
Was there a beginning of time? Could time run backwards? Is the universe infinite or does it have boundaries? These are just some of the questions considered in an internationally acclaimed masterpiece which begins by reviewing ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 10,44 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) posielame do 5 dní
Geotechnical Engineering of Dams, 2nd edition provides a comprehensive text on the geotechnical and geological aspects of the investigations for and the design and construction of new dams and the review and assessment of existing dams... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 282,86 € dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Ljubomir Tanchev  ·  CRC Press (2014)
Dams and Appurtenant Hydraulic Structures, now in its second edition, provides a comprehensive and complete overview of all kinds of dams and appurtenant hydraulic structures throughout the world... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 330,00 € dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Marcus du Sautoy  ·  HarperCollins Publishers (2017)
Bill Bryson Britain's most famous mathematician takes us to the edge of knowledge to show us what we cannot know. Is the universe infinite? Do we know what happened before... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 12,30 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Richard Dawkins  ·  Transworld (2014)
Born to parents who were enthusiastic naturalists, and linked through his wider family to a clutch of accomplished scientists, Richard Dawkins was bound to have biology in his genes. But what were the influences that shaped his life? ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 10,93 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) posielame ihneď
Rod Pyle  ·  Aurum Press (2016)
This beautifully illustrated pop science book which answers the enduring questions raised by science fiction, such as �Do hoverboards really exist?�, �How can you bring a dinosaur back to life?� and �Can we really travel in t (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 26,55 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Frans de Waal  ·  Granta Books (2017)
From world-renowned biologist and primatologist Frans de Waal, a groundbreaking work on animal intelligence destined to become a classic... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 13,25 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Jana Júdová, Danka Šalgovičová a Daniela Pavlovičová  ·  Ústav vysokohorskej biológie Žilinskej univerzity (2008)
Znečisťovanie životného prostredia rôznymi aktivitami človeka ohrozuje živé organizmy a zdravotný stav obyvateľstva. Do akej miery možno zaťažiť krajinný systém bez toho, aby v ňom nevznikali nezvratné negatívne zmeny?... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 22,80 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) zvyčajne posielame do 10 dní
Carlo Rovelli  ·  Penguin Books (2016)
Independent, Economist, Telegraph, Guardian, New Scientist, Evening Standard Books of the Year 2015, The Sunday Times Bestseller. Everything you need to know about modern physics, the universe and our place in the world in seven ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 7,55 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Edward O. Wilson  ·  Liveright (2017)
History is not a prerogative of the human species, Edward O. Wilson declares in Half-Earth. Demonstrating that we blindly ignore the histories of millions of other species, Wilson warns us that a point of no return is imminent. Refusing to believe that... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 18,00 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
J.R. McNeill  ·  Cambridge University Press (2010)
This book explores the links among ecology, disease, and international politics in the context of the Greater Caribbean - the landscapes lying between Surinam and the Chesapeake - in the seventeenth through early twentieth centuries... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 36,31 € dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Martina Haas, Eva Ondrová a Juraj Švajda  ·  Ústav vysokohorskej biológie Žilinskej univerzity (2008)
V chránených územiach musí environmentálna výchova zohľadniť nielen ciele chránených území, ale tiež globálne environmentálne problémy. Má efektívne využívať prírodné dedičstvo chránených území pre bezprostredný kontakt s prírodou... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 23,29 € posielame ihneď
Adam Rutherford  ·  Orion (2016)
This is a story about you. It is the history of who you are and how you came to be. It is unique to you, as it is to each of the 100 billion modern humans who have ever drawn breath. But it is also our collective story, because in every one ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 18,95 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
F.C. Campbell  ·  AMS (2012)
This book emphasises the physical and practical aspects of fatigue and fracture. It covers mechanical properties of materials, differences between ductile and brittle fractures, fracture mechanics, ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 350,00 € dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Guy Winch  ·  Plume (2014)
We all sustain emotional wounds. Failure, guilt, rejection, and loss are as much a part of life as the occasional scraped elbow. But while we typically bandage a cut or ice a sprained ankle, our first aid kit for emotional injuries is not just ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 18,99 € dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne

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