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Philip Pullman  ·  Knopf Books for Young Readers (2017)
Philip Pullman returns to the world of His Dark Materials with this magnificent new novel, set ten years before Northern Lights and featuring his much-loved character, Lyra Belacqua. (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 15,73 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) po vyjdení (predbežne 19.10.2017) posielame do 24 hodín
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Lottie Tomlinson  ·  Laurence King Publishing (2017)
Lottie Tomlinson brings you her fearless, no rules guide to makeup. Famous for her bold attitude and love of all things neon, bold and bright, the makeup artist and social media sensation gets in... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 13,25 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
James E. Ryan  ·  HarperCollins Publishers (2017)
Based on the wildly popular commencement address, the art of asking (and answering) good questions by the Dean of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 18,53 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) zvyčajne posielame do 24 hodín
Tim O'Reilly  ·  Random House (2017)
Tim O’Reilly’s genius is to identify and explain emerging technologies with world shaking potential – the World Wide Web, Open Source Software, Web 2.0, Open Government data, the Maker Movement, Big Data. ‘The man who can really can make ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 18,66 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) zvyčajne posielame do 24 hodín
Greg Mitchell  ·  Transworld (2017)
In the summer of 1962, one year after the rise of the Berlin Wall, a group of daring young West Germans risked prison, Stasi torture and even death to liberate friends, lovers, ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 11,35 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) posielame do 5 dní
Jonathan Eig  ·  Simon & Schuster (2017)
The most comprehensive and definitive biography of Muhammad Ali that has ever been published, based on more than 500 interviews with those who knew him best, with many dramatic new discoveries about his life and career... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 13,56 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) posielame do 5 dní
Andy McNab  ·  Random House (2017)
Nick Stone is back in an up-to-the-minute thriller - ripped fresh from the headlines. Stone has returned to London. Both the UK and the US are in a state of unrest and ever more extreme politicians are looking to take advantage of an unstable world.... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 14,88 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) posielame do 5 dní
Johanna Basford  ·  Penguin Books (2017)
An all-new iteration of the adult coloring book—a gorgeously hand-illustrated storybook for readers to color and cherish, both an enchanting tale and a one-of-a-kind keepsake... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 12,33 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Jeff Parker  ·  DC Comics (2017)
When worlds collide, it's up to Hanna-Barbera's best-known adventure-seeking heroes to save the galaxy! Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, the Herculoids and more are reimagined here in this action-adventure thriller! The most daring heroes and greatest minds (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 25,20 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Alan Robert  ·  IDW (2017)
Get that red crayon ready! Rock-star-turned-comics-creator Alan Robert has created a follow-up to his smash-hit, horror-themed adult coloring book! ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 13,56 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
E L James  ·  Cornerstone (2017)
E L James revisits the world of Fifty Shades with a deeper and darker take on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the globe. Their scorching, sensual affair ended in heartbreak and recrimination, but Christian Grey cannot ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 8,46 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Geraldine Elschner  ·  Prestel (2017)
A beloved emblem of world peace—the dove—comes to life in this moving story that introduces Pablo Picasso and his art to young readers. "A little white dot in the great sky," a dove sails over the earth looking for a place to land... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 12,71 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) po vyjdení dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Titul vychádza 7.11.2017
Jeff Lemire  ·  Marvel (2017)
A failure from the past haunts Logan - and to correct his mistakes, he'll need magical assistance! But when he faces opposition, the man who was once Wolverine will turn to an unlikely - and potentially treacherous - ally! ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 15,68 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) zvyčajne posielame do 24 hodín
Kate Saunders  ·  Faber and Faber (2017)
What if there exists a world powered by imagination? A world of silliness, where humans and their toys live on long after they've left the Hard World . . . and what if the door between that world and this one was broken? Welcome to the Land of ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 13,25 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) zvyčajne posielame do 24 hodín
Simon Schama  ·  Vintage (2017)
The words that failed were words of hope. But they did not fail at all times and everywhere. These gripping pages teem with words of defiance and optimism, sounds and images of tenacious life and adventurous modernism, music and drama, business and philos (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 17,58 €  (teda ušetríte 5%) zvyčajne posielame do 24 hodín
Vladimír Prokop  ·  Toužimský & Moravec (2017)
Jedná se o celobarevnou velkoformátovou obrazovou publikaci, která představuje sedmnáct významných ilustrátorů dobrodružných knih od konce 19. století prakticky do současnosti. Vždy přibližně na 25-30 stránkách představeni budou... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 47,38 €  (teda ušetríte 16%) posielame do 5 dní
Delilah S. Dawson  ·  Century (2017)
The official prequel to The Last Jedi, the highly anticipated blockbuster film directed by Rian Johnson, hitting cinemas in December 2017. One of the most cunning and merciless officers of the First Order, ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 11,48 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Niall Ferguson  ·  Allen Lane (2017)
Historians love to write about rulers—kings, emperors, presidents—or about vast social forces-migration, industrialisation-but what if they are all missing the point? Thinking about our own lives, isn't it clear that what makes the world go ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 16,96 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
Kelli Anderson  ·  Chronicle Books (2017)
Never has humble paper had such radical ambitions. Defying every expectation of what a book can be, this pop-up extravaganza transforms into six fully functional tools ... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 25,46 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) zvyčajne posielame do 24 hodín
Jordan Belfort  ·  North Star Way (2017)
Jordan Belfort—immortalized by Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street—reveals the step-by-step sales and persuasion system proven to turn anyone into a sales-closing... (viac o knihe)
Naša cena: 30,18 €  (teda ušetríte 15%) dodanie titulu môže trvať aj viac ako 3 týždne
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